Most of our interviews go over time, that is because we get a little carried away, and who can blame us! the convo's are lit! 

Good thing is, we pop the uncut version into members only private pages.  That way you get the full version, ad free. We also continue to interview throughout the year, and those little gems also go in members only private pages.

So, take your time, look around, and learn all there is to know about membership. If you've got any questions, take a moment to drop us a line. Otherwise, we'll see you on the inside :D

Membership Options

membership Perks

Uncut & Full Length Interviews

We try to keep our episodes to around 30 minutes. Some people feel annoyed by this.  Good thing is, members get access to full uncut episodes in our members only pages. 

Crazy Content

Content that goes live is mostly suitable for the wider audience.  There are some topics though.... that your host prefers to dive into privately and those topics span many conspiracy theories and are for members only. There will be 4 conspiracy theory interviews a year and all of these will be in your members only area. 

Bonus Episodes

Some episodes we decided didn't quite make the cut but we still want to share them with you because the content is still pretty epic. 


Coming soon: Merch that speaks to the true believers.


Got questions? members will be invited to 4 ask me anything webinars a year and can ask Amy-Rose anything. These webinars will be published in the members only pages.


Members have a few bonuses but the biggest treat is the notifications that come as soon as content is live.